midoriyama alive

still no answers...where is midoriyama...
he is problaby playing somewhere and making people fly with his music....

by micael | 11.06.07-23:43

hello midoriyama. you make great music, too bad you only play live in japan. you're buddies with goto aren't you? you should go with Mono on their next Europe tour and be their support act!

by sandro | 02.04.07-22:14

its so quiet in here....
anyway how is it going with your new album? new sound or what?


by micael | 18.03.07-00:45



by midoriyama | 03.01.07-15:47

happy new year midoriyama!!

by micael | 02.01.07-04:39

Midoriyama is not understand

by | 27.12.06-16:04

Thanx too, Caroline.


by midoriyama | 22.12.06-23:48

as you said to me i sent my order to get your albums but i don't get any answer. Thanks again for your help

by Caroline | 20.12.06-01:56

Thanx Micael. Thanx Sam.
Don't worry my friends! I'm composing new song now.
Please, just a moment.


by midoriyama | 15.12.06-23:47

Hello Midoriyama - I hope everything is going well for you and the new album is coming along nicely... Just to say once again how beautiful i think your music is authough i'm sure you hear that a lot!
Regards from England

by Sam | 15.12.06-14:34

Hi mido

How is the new album going?

When is it finish?

by Micael | 12.12.06-06:09

sorry...speaking English midoriyama has been freezing. but i wake up now!
nate. Thank you for your many kindnesses.
caroline. Pardon me for my unkind...

So You can buy midoriyama's CD from this website, depending on the terms.
Please send your order to the following address.


by midoriyama | 28.11.06-22:19


midoriyama alive

midoriyama in fall