midoriyama in fall

It's Nate again. I'm glad to say that I finally got your cds. I just listened to them today, and found that it's the type of music I can listen to in the dark. My favorite songs were Oil Tower, Bookstore Moon, and Lost in Museum. They were simply stunning. Thank you for writing music filled with nostalgia and beauty. And please keep making music. It gives us all hope. Thanks!

by nate | 08.11.06-13:44

I would like to thank you very much for your beautiful music. Not only has it inspired me it has said more than words possibly could.

link to my music below

by Ryan | 06.11.06-07:19

Thanx steven!

Wow! You spoke for my music. I was excited!
Your message were a great encouragement to me.

thanx again.


by midoriyama | 29.09.06-01:40

Your music is absolutely beautiful.
It's only one instrument but I feel it as though it were an orchestra.
Very powerful, minimalism music.
Keep making music as an artform, please!
Mono and Midoriyama need to tour North America!

by Steven | 26.09.06-08:58

Hi Micael

any distortion? tremolo!? what a good question!
my answer is ''NO'' Because I don't have those effectors...ha ha
but the new sound is changing a little now, I will respound to the change of my image. It will be dryer than before.

thanx Sam

Wow! I like ''Grandma's Song'' too.
That sounds(noise?) was recorded by producer Taka's idea. We took it through a open studio's window. the field surrounding sounds and my guitar are in harmony...

thanx again!

by midoriyama | 18.08.06-02:49

Hey Midoriyama

Thanks a lot for the response! It's good to see that you take the time to read these :)
There was something else i wanted to ask you about - On some of the songs from Candle City (like Grandma's Song) I can hear what sounds like natural movement in the background - like people walking by in a street or cars driving past. Is this sampled or is it to do with the location you recorded the songs in?
Thanks again and hear from you soon!


by Sam | 13.08.06-10:26

Any distortion or tremolo on the new album?


by Micael | 13.08.06-01:48

Hi Sam
Thank you for your kind words.
I'm so glad that you felt various scene when you listen to my music. that's excited!
I'm writing new songs now. maybe the new album will be completed next year. Don't miss it! fu fu fu...

Thanx again. love!

by midoriyama | 26.07.06-03:04

Hey there. I'm from England, i've only discovered your music recently but i absolutely love it. Somehow, the feeling of nostalgia translates beautifully into the music in a way i've not heard before. Thanks a lot for the inspiration! Hopefully you will have the opportunity to tour here sometime, it would be excellent to see you on tour with Mono! Is there plans for a new album soon? Regards!

by Sam | 23.07.06-18:01

hi nate.
I'm sorry there is the only two way now... of course, I wish you get my music more easily...sorry

your message have encouraged me!
thanx & peace!

by midoriyama | 04.07.06-02:58

I'm a new fan of your music and I'd like to ask if there's any other way to buy your music besides the bank fund transfer or IMPO methods. Is there any other way? PLEASE! Your music's amazing, but I can't buy it by those methods.
Thanks for listening

by nate | 03.07.06-02:26

THANX micael and Congratulations ''Mr lucky'' karo!


by midoriyama | 20.06.06-02:21

i have not been writing anything long time...now i am working a lot.
btw i could pass exams!
just 4 people of 35 could pass...seems almost as i am clever...haha^^

by karo | 15.06.06-06:35

hi mido!
long time no see!
If you want to show your music to the rest of the world, I recommend you to to join myspace.com. If you want.


by Micael | 13.06.06-04:07

Thanx alex!
I'm so glad that my music relate us. yes, i hope to go your country. and I'm looking forward to meeting you someday.

photo page UP!

by midoriyama | 10.05.06-02:05

do you ever plan on touring the united states just as midoriyama? i would really love to set up a show for you at my venue in odessa, texas sometime. you're one of my biggest influences as a guitarist.

by alex | 08.05.06-14:02

Hi stan
Thank you for interested in my music.

yes! I hope also to visit your country someday. and I'm greatly influenced by early cajun music. that is special for me!

thanx again. punx!

by midoriyama | 19.04.06-05:01

dear midoriyama,

do you mind coming to canada?
maybe with mono?
we're a hospitable place.


by stan | 19.04.06-00:20

Thanx Micael.
I'm enjoying my life with music.
and I'm trying to write new songs now.
that is the next mind viwe!

by midoriyama | 18.04.06-03:15

Hi mido!
long time no see...
how is your life and music doing?
Any new album coming soon ?

Peace out!

by Micael | 17.04.06-01:05

wow! thank you so much and let's punk with me!

by midoriyama | 08.04.06-01:34

i'm from malaysia..this is the first time i've listen to something so beautiful and yet sad..pure brilliance
i got to know ur music through Mono's website...
i also like album leaf and contriva...

anyway thanks for the beautiful music

peace !

by fred | 07.04.06-14:02

Hi, sang
my cd's is sold in only mail order and my concert place.
please check this page.

If you have something question about it. please ask me.

Have you gone to see cherry blossoms in meguro river?

by midoriyama | 07.04.06-02:12

Hello. Where can I buy MIDORIYAMA CDs in Tokyo? I will be near Naka-Meguro station.

by sang_won | 06.04.06-07:17

Hi Joaquin

''import taxes charged for ordering''?
I'm sorry, I don't know your country's imports structure.
but I think it is more simple.
Please check ''International Mail Order page''.

and if you have any question, please ask me.

by midoriyama | 14.03.06-04:44

Sorry for the "gol" (mistake) on the end of my messange.


by | 09.03.06-06:52


I from Navolato, Sinaloa, México.

There are import taxes charged for ordering?

I want to buy " And green leaves grow " and " candle city "


Greeting regards for you and the members of MONO.

Joaquín Estrada

>I want to buy:
>\"Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live
>Thank you!
>Joaquín Estrada

by JOAQUÍN | 09.03.06-06:50

THANX karo. yes, I'm fine.

I'm glad that you like my punk music.
How about listen to my cd lying in bed tonight?

by midoriyama | 06.03.06-23:55

hello, how are you?
i am getting nervous 'coz of exams... nice, quiet music helps me to relax...^^
anyway, bye bye

by karo | 05.03.06-07:58

I'm sorry I still late sending answer mail and this board.
I'm always given many courage from all of you! Thanx!

Yes, I'm living happy now. music too.
and I'll update FROM midoriyama soon. just a moment!
peace and love!

by midoriyama | 15.02.06-05:21

Hi midoriyama
long time no see
how is life going? the music?

peace out!

by Micael | 09.02.06-05:40

hi midoriyama !
new song "hotel byron"
with my gd'ma telling memories
from her childhood.
a story with a terrible
fire near montreux...
cheers from switzerland !
peace & silent punk rock 4ever...

by frederic | 09.01.06-22:53

happy new year!

by midoriyama | 05.01.06-00:02

Happy new year midoriyama!

by micael | 04.01.06-08:49

... ... ... HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! ! ! !

by frederic | 31.12.05-18:49

thanx! die (wow!)
I will write more my message in FROM midoriyama next year. don't miss it!

oops! i forgotten. FROM midoriyama UP!

by | 30.12.05-23:18

me just a fan from midoriyama

by die | 30.12.05-19:03


by Micael | 27.12.05-18:03


by midoriyama | 25.12.05-23:49

Thank you frederic and karo
yes I hope so. i think i have to be realize our dreams more quickly. don't miss it.

and hi hampus thank you for you like my music. I'm so happy.
but sorry I don't send soundsample now. but if you want to buy my album. please check shop page.
you can get my albums through International Postal Money Order or Bank Fund Transfer
thans again peace!

by midoriyama | 22.12.05-03:33

i wonder if you could send some soundsample - i'd love to hear your music :*

by hampus van ekström-ahlby | 21.12.05-01:51

oh hey i also have a few more dates in my mind...
if we could wish, i want to have some more dates in germany...
dortmund, muenster, bochum for example.:P

by karo | 20.12.05-04:46

hello !

i want this for x-mas:

EURO TOUR somewhere in 2006 !!!
(4 dates in switzerland : montreux, lausanne, fribourg, aarau)

it'd be so... beautifully punk !!! ;-)

ogenkide !!!


by frederic | 15.12.05-03:00

Thank you karo
I will go to your country someday.
I love small town. because I was born in a small town. ha ha!

by midoriyama | 14.12.05-04:16

hey don't you wanna come on tour in germany?
cologne is a pretty city..;o)

by karo | 08.12.05-21:13

Thanx frederic.

yes, I'm fine. did you play piano? wow it's cool!
I will check it out soon. punx!

by midoriyama | 26.10.05-04:31

hello dear midoriyama... hope you're doing fine ? yesterday i recorded my first piano tune. it's called "elegy" and you can listen to it on my profile. it's very simple but i put a lot into these notes... i feel autumn these days... take good care of you. hope to see you someday in a safe place. cheers from switzerland. =f=

by frederic | 21.10.05-04:27

I hope that my music will sound in your room. peace!

by midoriyama | 18.10.05-05:09

really great music. i'll be buying some things very soon. take care.

by Cameron | 17.10.05-15:19

Hi zach Yes, I remember you.

Wow! I'm glad. Hang in there! so I'm looking forward to getting your impression of my music. thanx peace!

by midoriyama | 27.09.05-04:22

hey, midoriyama remember me? i wanted to buy your CD, but i had no job. Well now I have a job and i will be buying it in a week or so, I can't wait to get it, thanks, bye

by zach | 26.09.05-04:43

Thanx frederic!

I'm so happy to get your sincere words. Yes, I love starry night. so that had a effect on my mind too.

and I pride myself on my country's culture.Naturally I composed some songs under the influence of japanese season and literature and more. Of couse, I like kitano's movie too. I think he's works is punk! ha ha.

OK I hope the night sky which you look up it always beautiful .

by midoriyama | 26.09.05-03:20

hello green mountain man ;-) !

how are you ?

it's great to hear about your astronomy job. my dad is very fond of astronomy as well and i enjoy so much looking at the sky by myself. i trained myself and i can recognize many constellations. it's great to be able to "read" a starry sky and to see things that some people don't see, don't you think so ? can you find the ryu, can't you ? i can see lots of them and the lyra looks a bit like a blue telecaster ;-)... wow, i just wonder how it would sound - MIDORIYAMA's guitar in my headphones + me, lying on the ground, my eyes in the everlasting eyes of the universe... i should try this next summer. i will find a peaceful place, with no city lights (if it's possible)...

some place somewhere...

ok, basically i would like to say that yesterday evening i finally saw DOLLS by takeshi kitano... i cried. this movie is the most beautiful japanese movie i've ever seen until now. taka told me it was the best kitano's film, according to him. i really wanted to see it ; i am still overwhelmed. all the colours. the seasons. the landscapes, the costumes, the stories, the emotions, ... everyone who's fascinated by japan, life, love and death, should see this brilliant movie. it's a great source of inspiration for me. and i could even say that the movie told me a lot about myself and my permanent feelings about japan... now i understand better why i like so much japanese literature, movies, japanime and music !!!... it's because of so much things... like nostalgy. i'm very nostalgic. i love MONO so much. and i like MIDORIYAMA a lot as well. i find something in your music which is like the 4 seasons. a circle. something pure and eternal.

... sorry, maybe what i wrote sounds like bullshit. but to me, it's not. life is not far from bunraku, i guess...

cheers from switzerland,
hope you're doing fine.
hope to meet you someday.

take care !
ogenkide !


by frederic | 23.09.05-06:34

Thanx marko. Oh, crazy sound! you've got me there. ha ha!

Oh Oh Micael. I can't open it's site...
OK I hope you will finish your works in the near future.
Do your best each other!


by midoriyama | 22.09.05-05:21


if you really like art, check this dude aout

He its amazing!!!

Mi picture its no ready by the way....I dont have so much time free ...


by Micael | 21.09.05-19:40


a project of mine if you'd like to listen!

by marko | 21.09.05-03:07

Thanx marko!

by midoriyama | 19.09.05-23:42

this is absolutely beautiful.

by marko | 19.09.05-13:40

The compilation album "The Mixing Landscape" is released on October 19th by human highway records ( Mono's label).

"Sad-Eyes Bird" and "Empty Station" , which have already released, are included on this album. These were mastered and finished beautifully by John Golden, worked on my many favorite albums.

You can enjoy both songs different from my originals.
Don't miss it!

by midoriyama | 07.09.05-02:08


midoriyama alive

midoriyama in fall